New 23cm Lowercase Letters now available

Nearly thirty years ago, Emily Readett-Bayley was asked if the craftspeople in Bali with whom she was working could carve some bevelled and gilded wooden letters. They did and the original POSH Graffiti was born. They have not stopped making the letters since and the same families in a small rice farming village in the foothills of Bali’s majestic volcanoes still work with Emily who estimates that they have produced over a million letters for her company.

In the sring of 2018 our designer Jason Whatever started work on creating a lowercase alphabet that would compliment Emily’s original uppercase alphabet. The new lowercase alphabet would need to sit along the uppercase letters or equally work on their own.

The final lowercase letter templates were created to sit within the 23cm range of letters. In late summer same craftspeople in Bali started carving the new letters.

We are now really excited to present our new 23cm lowercase letters available in gold, silver or white.