Trade Customers

If you would like to be a trade customer then please complete our trade enquiry. Trade customers get access to all our products, special offers and exclusive promotions. Our prices include VAT – so VAT registered Trade Customers will save 20% on the cost of a letter before any discount. We have no minimum spend but the more you buy the higher your discount tier.

Our Trade Discount Tiers are based on spend over a full year

  • £200.00 and under : Retail Bronze gives you 10% off our online prices
  • Up to £500.00 : Retail Silver gives you 20% off our online prices
  • Over £500.00 : Retail Gold gives you 30% off our online prices
  • Over £1500.00 : Retail Platinum gives you 40% off our online prices

We will monitor your spending and once it looks like you are on course to reach the next tier level, we will upgrade you to the next tier.