Welcome to Typo Utopia – New home for POSH Graffiti

Typo Utopia is the new home of Posh Grafitti and forthcoming typography designs. A continuation of over 11 years of online trading of poshgraffiti.com.

In October 2017, Jason Weatherbed took over POSHGraffiti.com continuing to sell the POSH Graffiti range designed by Emily Readett-Bayley. Whilst immersing himself into POSH Graffiti he realised that the range would benefit from lowercase letters. In early summer 2018  he created the 23cm Lowercase Range to compliment Emily’s original collection and build on her lettering legacy. The completed lowercase letters, beautifully carved by the same carvers, are launched in this new website.

The POSH Graffiti range is hand-crafted by a community of carvers in Bali, it is therefore logical to keep this eco-ethical range solely under the Posh Graffiti brand carved by Emily Readett-Bayley Ltd.

Moving forward the aim of Jason and his team is to design and create new letter and product ranges. Also looking to source new related products to sell via the newly launched Typo Utopia online shop. With new lettering designs on the drawing board Jason felt that a new branded website, which would also contain POSH Graffiti, was the best way forward, hence Typo Utopia was conceived.

We hope you will follow as the journey continues…